Tartelettes and Community Influencers


Tartelettes play an important role in shaping Tarte Cosmetic’s community and following base. What are Tartelettes? These usually consist of a wide range of beauty influencers, who on their social media platforms discuss and promote Tarte’s brand. These people are essential in establishing Tarte’s community as most followers start off by following these influencers and once they hear about reviews of Tarte’s products, it leads them to follow and buy their products thus creating a community from another community. This can also occur the other way around, where an original follower of Tarte can discover different influencers because of events or promotion that Tarte collaborates with them.

This leads to giveaways and promotions where Tartelettes hold in collaboration with Tarte to allow followers to benefit from their interests and further create a sense of community within. They are a perfect way for influencers to give back to their audience while also keeping them engaged and eager in the products they promote. Some examples include Tarte’s giveaway with Mahogony Lox, where the rules were to follow both and tag friends below in their Instagram post in order to win all of Mahogony’s favourite Tarte products (Tartecosmetics 2017). This allowed followers of both Tarte and Mahogony Lox to come together as a community and to stay involved.

Tarte also uses hashtags to promote their giveaways and promotions as well as events and holidays they hold in relation to their products and tartelettes. Through hashtags Tarte creates a collective communal following, where individuals can go to one source on social media platforms about a specific theme or event. The use of hashtags can be “adopted by other users that contribute similar content or express a related idea.” (Tsur & Rappoport 2012. p. 644), which is evident throughout the Tarte community as they have similar interests of beauty. One major hashtag that Tarte Cosmetics uses to connect Tartelettes to the followers and community is #trippinwithtarte. This is where the company sends a group of influencers on an all-expenses paid holiday to promote one of their collections. While they are there, these influencers use social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube to document their activities with the hashtag #trippinwithtarte. It allows the community to come together on one space through the hashtag to not only connect with one another, but learn more about Tarte’s products and their influencers. These holidays not only reinforce a community within the following, but it also creates a community between these Tartelettes. They all share the same interests, being beauty and thus building relationships among one another. This here is an example of one of Baym’s elements of being a community, interpersonal relationships. The use of hashtags is an example of Linguistic Conventions that Tarte implements to connect Tartelettes with their following.

From these trips, Tartelettes can learn more about the products and therefore being able to constantly share their thoughts and views on the products with their following. They can also provide promotional codes and events to share with their following who then benefit from them, such as free shipping to Australia from their website.

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Image: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=nicol+trippin+with+tarte